"With a mix of fashion designers, representatives of famous brands and policy makers present at Fashion Talks, making connections can accelerate a business in just one day."

Agnes works at Flanders DC, an organization dedicated to growing and promoting local fashion. Every two years, Flanders DC holds a global conference for the fashion industry: Fashion Talks. Seven hundred participants attended the full-day conference. With such a large group, it is a challenge for participants to meet the right people.

700+ participants

560+ requests & offers

460 meetings

Hundreds and hundreds of connections

Participants used Conversation Starter to share over 560 requests and offers and planned meetings before Fashion Talks. At the start of the event, each participant received a personalized overview of the meetings planned–delivered via SMS.

"Not only did Conversation Starter increase the right kind of buzz and good vibes around Fashion Talks, we also gained key information into our audience needs."

With Conversation Starter, the participant requests and offers created a large pool of data. Flanders DC gained insight into the main challenges young fashion entrepreneurs face like finding pop-up locations to showcase their designs and brokering long-term partnerships with PR and marketing agencies. In addition, they also got to know what established international brand are looking for.

"I offered Fashion Talks participants the chance to speak with me about my experience with the circular economy in the fashion industry. With success! Currently, I am following up on a collaborative opportunity!"

Roy Vercoulen

Cradle to Cradle Products - Innovation Institute

"As a young designer, it’s not always easy to surround yourself with the right people. Using Conversation Starter, I met the perfect PR agency with which I can build a relationship for the long-term!"

Ophélia Debisschop

Creative Designer - Ophelia Lingerie

"In just one hour, I met more interesting people at Fashion Talks than I usually meet at all-day events. Conversation Starter makes networking efficient and provides enough substance to pick up the conversation post-event, too."

Peter Lafère

Regional Director - ING Belgium

"I loved using Conversation Starter because of the simplicity. It’s clear, and the organized layout guides the user through the meeting agendas. I recommend users to try it so they can network in a smart and unabashed way."

Cédric Etienne

Poetic Dreamer – theMoodstudio

All kinds of top-notch event organizers use Conversation Starter