Before the event, attendees share what people they would like to meet and the expertise they can offer

No more awkward “what do you do?” conversations: the short requests and offers are perfect icebreakers.

Conversation Starter’s cutting-edge recommendation engine screens the requests and offers of all attendees and finds the most relevant ones for each user. It works like magic!

With a single click, attendees invite each other to meet

When the other party accepts the invite, Conversation Starter’s smart meeting planner finds the ideal location and time to meet at the event.

At the start of the event, attendees receive their personal schedule of meetings

It tells them who they will meet, when and at which meeting point. The request or offer that triggered the meeting is included to help break the ice.

A couple of minutes before each meeting, attendees receive a personal reminder via SMS.

For the organiser, setup is fast and easy.
Our team helps you at every step.

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Attendees love to use Conversation Starter

Impressed with matchmaking app @converstart at @StartupsBe Tech Startup Day. Smooth, easy, right info at the right time. Made my day productive. Much better then the @WebSummit app last year.

10:34 PM - Mar 15, 2018

Gebruik van @converstart was een waar succes op ons #innovatie2016 event! Zeer positieve reacties: echte aanrader om succesvol te netwerken

2:46 AM - Oct 26, 2016

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