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How it works

1. Attendees share what people they would like to meet and the expertise they can offer in short icebreakers.

2. Conversation Starter’s recommendation engine finds the most relevant requests and offers for each user.

3. With a single click, attendees invite fellow attendees to meet at the event.

4. At the start of the event, attendees receive a schedule of meetings and meet at designated meeting points.

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Conversation Starter is used at conferences, corporate and community events.


"With over 700 attendees, we had to help people network. Conversation Starter was a fabulous solution."

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"What a wonderful way to generate quality leads. Conversation Starter definitely helped business after the event."

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"People genuinely like the chance to offer their expertise and insight to others. This was a true win-win."

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After meeting via Conversation Starter, Anouk and Ruben opened a pop-up shop together

Anouk: "As furniture designer, I was looking for someone who could help me build my designs. A few days before the upcoming event, I posted on Conversation Starter: I am looking for builders (wood or 3D printing) who want to create products in a mini-joint venture."

Ruben: "I have my own furniture workshop, so when I read Anouk’s request I was immediately interested. With just a single tap, I invited her to meet. Anouk accepted my invitation shortly before the event.

Using its digital magic, Conversation Starter determined when we were both available during the event and reserved a spot at one of the designated event meeting points.

The meeting turned out to be terrific. Shortly after our Conversation Starter meeting, we started building prototypes. Half a year later, we opened a pop-up shop together."

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