Hire unique talent by hosting online recruitment events

Anyone, anywhere, can easily join your Conversation Starter event.

Networking profile

Attract passive and international job seekers

Participating in an online recruitment event is easy and takes little time.
Job seekers can even participate anonymous.

Collect CV's, LinkedIn profiles or answers to custom questions

Superior return on investment

Offering an online networking event to your target audience is the perfect way to capture their attention.

Monetize your event

Put your sponsors and their vacancies in the spotlight to monetize your event.

Low investment

It takes less time and money to organize an online recruitment event. All you need is Conversation Starter.

Cutting-edge recommendations

Conversation Starter matches job seekers with relevant vacancies.

Find specific candidates

Extensive filter and search functions make it easy to find exactly the people you need.

Employer booths

Job seekers can browse booths with custom branding, videos and downloadable content.

“Conversation Starter features like the vacancy board and the CV upload are really simple to use for job seekers and our partner companies. The recommendation algorithm resulted in over 400 instant job interviews. We've renewed our partnership for a second event!”

Event Checklist

Free toolkit: how to market (online) networking events

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    Examples of inspiring event concepts

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    Strategies for engaging partners

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    Examples of communication campaigns

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    Return-on-investment opportunities for sponsors

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