Capture leads with online networking events

Conversation Starter enables instant meetings with prospects.

Online lead generation

Bring prospects together

Offering an online networking event to your target audience is the perfect way to capture their attention.

Gather rich data

Qualify leads by analyzing their networking profiles, which you can customise to include data you need.

Instant meetings

Instead of endless email threads to match calendars, participants instantly meet during the event.

Recommendation Algorithms

Engage more community members

There's no need to travel to an online networking event: people anywhere can join and busy people waste no time getting there. The result: more participants.

Our cutting-edge recommendation engine helps participant to have meaningful conversations with their most relevant peers.

67% of participants prefer online networking event

Video content

Add live or pre-recorded video content to your event by integrating Vimeo, YouTube or Zoom.


Highlight specific organisations with rich content pages and turn the spotlight on their participants.


Integrate with Eventbrite or enable ticketing inside Conversation Starter for a seamless experience.

“Conversation Starter was the perfect solution for the organization of our digital lead generation event. They have a well-functioning matchmaking platform on the one hand and a personal approach on the other hand.”

Event Checklist

Free toolkit: how to market networking events

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    Examples of inspiring event concepts

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    Strategies for engaging partners

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    Examples of communication campaigns

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    Return-on-investment opportunities for sponsors

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