Make more meaningful connections happen

Use Conversation Starter to organise networking events for your community.

Recommendation Algorithms

Engage more community members

There's no need to travel to an online networking event: people anywhere can join and busy people waste no time getting there. The result: more participants.

Our cutting-edge recommendation engine helps participant to have meaningful conversations with their most relevant peers.

67% of participants prefer online networking event

Customisable networking

Whether you're hosting events for entrepreneurs, academics, investors or pretty much anyone else: Conversation Starter is your all-in-one solution.

Networking of all kinds

Participants meet in scheduled or automatic 1-on-1 meetings or breakout rooms for group meetings.

Measurable engagement

Who met who? What did they discuss? Richt networking profiles and event reports let you gain insights.

Metrics dashboard

Video content

Add live or pre-recorded video content to your event by integrating Vimeo, YouTube or Zoom.

Sponsor promotion

Put your sponsors and their content in the spotlight to monetize your event.


Integrate with Eventbrite or enable ticketing inside Conversation Starter for a seamless experience.

Valerie Van Den Keybus: CEO - Belcham

“Conversation Starter helped us uniting our transatlantic network in a one-of-a-kind virtual networking event. Their proactive approach and expertise helped us to tap into the potential of online connectivity.”

They trust Conversation Starter

Academic incubators

Alumni networks

International chambers of commerce

Investor communities

Regional governments

Sector federations

Startup accelerators

Happy to show you around

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Discover eight networking activities

Participants love it when you help them network. How do you make that happen?

Our team gathered eight networking activities, from simple and free to premium:

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