How online events work

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Participants share ice breakers to spark conversations

Conversation Starter's carefully crafted user profiles are designed for optimal networking.

No awkward "what do you do?" conversations: short requests and offers are perfect icebreakers.

140.000+ requests & offers shared

Networking Profile
Recommendation Algorithms

Conversation Starter suggests relevant meeting partners

The cutting-edge recommendation engine screens all participant profiles to find the most relevant ones. It works like magic!

150.000.000+ relevancies calculated

Participants invite each other and plan meetings

Conversation Starter's smart meeting planner finds the ideal time for both participants to meet.

130.000+ meetings planned

Selecting a time slot for a meeting
Person in video call

Participants connect via built-in video calls

Participants don't have to download or install anything: they meet by video call, right inside Conversation Starter.

95.2% average engagement rate

Video content

Add live or pre-recorded video content to your event by integrating Vimeo, YouTube or Zoom.


Highlight specific organisations with rich content pages and turn the spotlight on their participants.


Integrate with Eventbrite or enable ticketing inside Conversation Starter for a seamless experience.

Discover eight networking activities

Participants love it when you help them network. How do you make that happen?

Our team gathered eight networking activities, from simple and free to premium:

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Why organisers love Conversation Starter

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Promote sponsors

Put your sponsors and their content in the spotlight to monetize your event.

Measure impact

See exactly how many people network and what kind of meetings they plan.

Gain insights

Understand what participants are talking about and learn about their needs.

Dries Hendrickx: Sales & Operations

Happy to show you around

I’m Dries - your personal contact at Conversation Starter. Get in touch with me for a personal walkthrough and direct answers to your questions.

Frequently asked questions

How does Conversation Starter benefit sponsors?

Conversation Starter enables the scheduling of meetings between participants and your sponsors.

Additionally, the application offers several locations for prominently displaying sponsor content.

Can speakers and other activities be integrated?

Absolutely! Conversation Starter is a comprehensive application, equipped with a range of features including a detailed speaker schedule, easy registration for various activities, and more.

How customisable is Conversation Starter?

Conversation Starter is highly customisable, both in branding and functionality.

Feel free to get in touch with us at to discuss your needs.

Which languages is Conversation Starter available in?

Conversation Starter is available in English, French, and Dutch. Other languages can be added on request, please get in touch with us at

Are hybrid events supported?

They are! Participants of hybrid events will meet through video call or in person, depending on their attendance.

How secure is Conversation Starter?

Access to events can be limited by a password or limited to a given set of people. Additionally, your event will not show up in search engine results.

As per GDPR guidelines, Conversation Starter has been designed with a privacy-first approach. No user data is stored without user consent. Users have the ability to view, update and delete their data. More information can be found in our privacy policy.

Does Conversation Starter integrate with ticketing platforms such as Eventbrite?

Yes! Conversation Starter integrates seamlessly with most popular ticketing platforms, including Eventbrite. This way, participants can sign up for your event and create a networking profile at the same time.

Feel free to get in touch with us at to discuss your needs.

Should participants install any software?

No! Conversation Starter work inside the web browser.

No matter the device, whether it's mobile or desktop, participants have a seamless experience.

What kind of support is provided to the participants?

Participants of your event have access to a chat bot with frequently asked questions and email support. Additionally, you can upgrade your event to include live chatbot support.

Which web browser do you recommend?

Conversation Starter works best with Google Chrome, Firefox, or the latest version of Microsoft Edge. Conversation Starter works on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Where can I find the web application?

To use Conversation Starter for an event you're participating in, go to